We design your kitchen or bath

At the start, consider the finish.

It starts with possibility…

Every Benchmark project begins in our showroom, where a Benchmark representative will take you throw our catalogue and help you conceptualize the final product. Whether you have a specific layout with particular brands already decided, or just a vague sense of how you want the room to feel, we’ll help you land on a design you can get excited about.

…it’s executed with precision…

Next, a Benchmark representative will visit your home to take measurements and determine the feasibility of the project. With cutting edge tools and a keen eye that can only be earned through experience, our rep will determine the most elegant and efficient way to execute our plan.

…with a focus on convenience…

After that comes the 3D rendering. Using cutting edge technology, we create a virtual version of your room that you can explore from your own computer or phone. This rendering can be reiterated upon until the design is perfect for your needs.

…so the finish is quality.

Finally, we arrive at the execution. Whether we’re working with a contractor you know and trust or finding one inside our own tight-knit network, we’ll make sure that once the project is our of Benchmark’s hands, it will be implemented with the same care and respect you’ve come to expect.